Bikergogo White Foldable Tyres 12/14/16/20 Inch


These Bikergogo white foldable tires are made from premium rubber, which provides you with a comfortable riding feeling on different terrains.

They are premium quality aftermarket upgrades with versatile tread to maintain stability and control when you need to turn or lean giving you that confidence you expect and deserve.

Key Features:

● Foldable, easy to store
● Made from premium rubber



TY634B-12     12 x 1.95     Black

TY634B-14     14 x 1.95     Black

TY634B-16     16 x 1.75     Black

TY634B-20    20 x 1.75     Black

TY634W-12    12 x 1.95    White

TY634W-14    14 x 1.95    White

TY634W-16    16 x 1.75    White

TY634W-20   20 x 1.75    White