Bikergogo Cycling Helmet Vents 24


A versatile helmet, designed to perform in all conditions.They even have a multi-functional light on the back, for extra safety.

Key Features:

● 24 air vents for maximum ventilation
● Available in sizes S/M 54-57, L/XL 58-61cm
● Integrated with rear light
● Includes brims
● Precision-cut-glue-on shell
● Matt Finish



HE705M          54-57cm

HE705L           58-61cm

HE706M          54-57cm

HE706L           58-61cm

HE707M          54-57cm

HE707L           58-61cm

HE708M          54-57cm

HE708L           58-61cm

HE709M          54-57cm

HE709L           58-61cm

HE710M           54-57cm

HE710L            58-61cm

HE711M            54-57cm

HE711L             58-61cm

HE712M           54-57cm

HE712L            58-61cm