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Question: Do those quick release type baskets come with a quick release set?

Answer: Basket quick release set doesn’t come with those quick release type baskets. You can choose our QR1 and QR2 quick release set to install those baskets on your bikes.

Question: Do BK310F, BK311B, and BK312H come with plastic mounting straps?

Answer: Yes, each basket comes with 2 pieces of plastic mounting straps.


Question: What color does the mudguard set MU800 come with?

Answer: The color of Mudguard MU800 can be customized according to the YS color code. Please inform us of the YS color code before you place the order.


Question: What is the lead time if I place the order?

Answer: The lead time depends on the Order Quantity and our Stock & Production conditions. Please contact our customer services team by emailing: contact@bikergogo.com before placing the order.

Question: Do you provide door-to-door shipping?
Answer: Yes, we currently provide door-to-door shipping service to Europe and the USA.

Question: Do you provide shipment insurance services?
Answer: Yes, we provide shipment insurance services.