Ergonomic, Sturdy, and Space-Saving – Introducing the Wall-Mounted Cycle Rack

If you want your bicycle(s) to be safe and accessible at all times, you only have one storage option: get a wall-mounted bike rack. This rack will help hang bikes on the wall and keep them out of the way. This savvy wall-mounted bicycle hanger is ideal for compact places where you cannot move things around to make space for your two-wheeler. Also, if you’re a bike geek and want to display your bike collection, nothing will help you more than this robust bike display rack.

Telescopic and Foldable Design

Got limited space? Never fear because the telescopic design of this bike shop cycle rack lets you adjust it to the perfect width for your bike. And when you’re not using it, quickly fold it up and remove it from the way. No accidental bumps and injuries!

Durable Construction

Worried that your bike might fall off the wall? No sweat because this wall-mounted bicycle hanger is built to last, thanks to its steel construction that can hold up to two bikes. You have to mount this rack on the wall with four expansion screws, and once this bike display rack is in place, hang your cycle on it, and off you go.

Rubber Sleeves – No Scratches, No Damage

Bike shop owners must ensure their collection is intact and looks its best – exactly what this wall-mounted bicycle hanger does. It has rubber sleeves on the hooks to protect your bike’s paintwork from scratches and dents. Even if you leave a bike on this wall-mounted cycle rack for a long period, you won’t have to worry about its paint and shine – the rubber sleeves will keep things neat.

Organize Your Bikes with Ease

Whether you sell bikes or have a large bike collection down in your garage, this bike display rack should be your buddy. With its easy mounting design and robust build, it ensures nothing damages your two-wheelers. Best of all, you can mount other bike-related parts on this bike shop cycle rack and keep your garage or shed tidy.

Ready to Take Your Bike Display Up a Notch?

With durable steel construction, telescopic design, and easy installation, this wall-mounted cycle rack is a must-have for any bike lover. What’s more, its sleek design won’t come in your way and will keep your bike nicely snug against the wall.

Say goodbye to space issues and get this amazing wall-mounted bike display rack now!