Bikergogo Hub Mount Aluminum Adjustable Rear Kickstand

Your search for the perfect bike stand is over. Introducing the Bikergogo Bike Aluminum Rear Kickstand —a rust-proof, ultralight aluminum stand that’s ready to make your cycling life a whole lot easier.

Made of Rust-Proof, Ultralight Aluminum

The lightweight construction of this bicycle hub kickstand makes it the perfect companion for your ride. Crafted from rust-proof aluminum, this park stand is durable and strong enough to endure any terrain and condition. Plus, its ultralight design adds minimal weight to your bike, so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. And because it’s made from such high-quality material, you can be sure it won’t corrode or break easily—even if used outdoors in harsh weather.

Real Hub Quick Release Mounting

No need for complicated tools here. This bike aluminum rear kickstand features a quick-release mounting system so you can easily attach and detach it from your bike’s hub whenever needed. This makes storing or transporting your bike much simpler than other stands on the market, which require tools to be installed or removed. This bicycle hub kickstand will save time and energy, along with eliminating any potential damages caused by improper installation – a win-win for you.

Adjustable Length

No two bikes are the same; that’s why the Bikergogo park stand offers adjustability in length. Whether you have a 24″ or 700C wheel, this bicycle hub kickstand will fit perfectly on your bike thanks to its easily adjustable length feature.

Suitable For 24/26/27.5/29/700C Wheels

The Bikergogo aluminum rear kickstand is suitable for all types of wheels. Its versatile design makes it ideal for avid cyclists who enjoy exploring different terrains on their rides.