Bikergogo Foldable E-Tricycle – Your Reliable Travel Partner

Bikergogo’s all-new foldable e-tricycle 99355 is an innovative ride you don’t want to miss. The light, foldable frame with easy accessibility makes this electric trike for adults a perfect means for fulfilling your daily travel needs. A design that’s as sleek as it is convenient, the portable e-tricycle makes transportation a breeze with its powerful motor and long-running lithium battery.

Premium Build

The folding e-bike features an aluminium alloy frame that provides a sturdy build without adding extra pounds. Due to its top quality and lightweight design, this e-tricycle is heavy-duty yet agile, making it the ideal companion for regular commutes.

Comfortable Ride

Whether biking to work or just for leisure, the electric trike for adults guarantees you a smooth ride every time. Regardless of where you ride, the Shimano 7-speed gears give you complete control of your e-tricycle. As you ride, the KMC 7-speed chains with a bushing-less mechanism also allow seamless transitioning on the go.

Handy LCD Display

An LCD display is also included on the foldable e-tricycle, making it easier and more convenient for riders to make their settings. The display lets you peek into your folding e-bike’s settings, such as the remaining battery levels, current speed, etc.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

At the heart of the e-trike 99355, sits a 500W motor that gives you durable, smooth power at all speeds up to the maximum limit of 32km/h. Also included in the mix is a 10.4 Ah Lithium battery which lets you enjoy riding the folding e-bike for longer.

Spacious Rear Rack With Storage Bag

The electric trike for adults has numerous features, including a user-friendly aluminium rack at the rear. The rack provides a generous amount of space for keeping items and also comes with a storage bag.


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